Measures taken by Indigo to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus


Additional hygiene measures

In addition to the usual maintenance of our structures, we put in place additional hygiene measures by regularly disinfecting contact areas such as the front sides of automatic cash registers and more particularly tactile areas (keyboard, button), front faces of terminals, bars or door handles, and elevator buttons. We also invite you to use payment by contactless CB or at the exit barrier when possible.

These measures are intended to complete, but in no case to replace, the elementary “barrier” instructions issued by the Government and all health organizations.

Protection of customers and employees

Reception of the public in the “boutiques” is temporarily suspended.

In order to protect our customers and employees, we post basic recommendations and protection instructions in our car parks. The available staff will be mobilized for local security and maintenance missions essential to your security.

For your current needs, we manage our remote parking lots 24/7 from our local REMOTE CONTROL and our National REMOTE based in our HQ in Ghent. Our call center operators can be reached from the many intercoms located in our car parks. However, we invite you to give priority to email for any question that does not require an immediate response.

All the INDIGO Group teams are mobilized to deal with this unprecedented situation.